Friday, May 8, 2009

Plots and Houses In Tanzania: The Latest


This is for people who lives abroad and would like their properties to be managed professionally so that they generate cash flow at competitive market rates back home. It is also for those in Tanzania, but who are too busy to manage their properties effectively. Houses need not be rented out only, they need to be looked after too. We do that for you.

We effectively market properties in Mbezi, Mikocheni, Msasani, Masaki and other places for either lettings and/or sales. Our services ranges from plots acquisition through construction to a completed house. Then you move in or we rent it out or sell it for you. Whatever the case, you win!. This must be good news to you.


Now you can buy plots for as low as 5M Tshs for 400 square meters (sqms) in Bunju.

Bunju, 400 sqms going for 5M Tshs, usurveyed. We are able to engage a surveyor for you at a fee. You can buy 400, 800, or more, according to your ability and preference. 200 meters from bagamoyo road in a very beautiful flat land with mature trees.

Bunju, 650 sqms, titled, 12M Tshs

Bunju, 3.8 acres designated for school, 200M Tshs

Bunju, 2899 sqms designated for a nursery school, 40M Tshs

Boko, 1000-1800 sqms, 20-30M Tshs

Mbweni, 575 sqms, 2 plots 9M Tshs each

Mbweni, 800 sqms, 20M Tshs

Mbweni, 1200 sqms, 25M Tshs

Mbweni, 1600 sqmts 28M Tshs

Tegeta, unfinished house of 3 bedrooms+ extras (built to the lintel), sitting on 800sqms, 100 meters from bagamoyo road. 70M Tshs

Tegeta, Mivumoni, Ban Kin Moon Road, 500 sqms, 15M Tshs

Tegeta Near Wazo Sec. School, 800 sqmt, 14M Tshs

Tegeta Wazo, 900 sqmt, 14M Tshs

Tegeta, 800 sqmt+foundation for a bungalow+1000blocks, 25M Tshs

Tegeta Wazo, 1350 sqm +3 B/rooms house built to the lintel shown in the picture. Tshs 35M (Going cheep!!!)

Tegeta, 7200sqms facing bagamoyo Road, 300,000 USD

Kunduchi IPTL, about 300 after kunduchi junction towards tegeta, on the new "IPTL" tarmac road, 1200 sqms, 30M Tshs

Kunduchi IPTL 4000 sqms, 90M Tshs

Kunduchi Beach, 1200 sqms, 70 M Tshs

Mbezi beach, 900 sqms near africana, 48M Tshs

Mbezi beach, 475 sqms, fenced, 38M Tshs

Mbezi beach, 750 sqms, new tarmac road, 70M Tshs

Mbezi beach, 3010 sqms, africana tarmac road, 250M Tshs

Mbezi juu, 2990 sqms, newly surveyed, no transfer needed, 80M Tshs

Mikocheni, 800 sqms, kwa mwalimu on the main road, 400M Tshs

Mikocheni, 1250 sqms off Garden road, 200,000USD

Mikocheni, 1500 sqms near cambrigde school. 160,000USD.

Mikocheni, , 6400 sqmts near rose garden, 750,000USD


Kunduchi IPTL road, 3 newly built houses sitting on 1200sqms each, 160M per house. 3 bedrooms each+extras. Spacious living rooms.

Mikocheni kwa Warioba, 4 B/rooms, 450 sqms, 140M Tshs. Investment grade property

Mikocheni B off garden road, 4 B/rooms bungalow, 1500 sqms, servants quarter with two bedrooms, fenced. 500M Tshs.

Mikocheni off Garden road, 5 B/rooms, 2.-storied house + servats quarters, 550K USD.

Mikocheni A near Arcade House/Feza schools, 6bedrooms, 2 storied house in 2 separate wings of 3 rooms+extras each. 600K USD. Each house/wing will have its own gate. Finishing in progress.

RENTALS( all prices per month)

City centre Ohio/Garden Avenue, 3 bedrooms, semi furnished, 1000 USD

Oysterbay, 3bedrooms bungalow, newly built, 3000 USD

Masaki, 3 bedrooms flats, fully furnished, comprehensive services, 2500 USD

Mikocheni Kwa Warioba, 3bedrooms, furnished, 1100 USD

Mikocheni, 2*3B/rooms flats in a compound of 6 flats, furnishing negotiable 1500 USD

Mikocheni, 4*2B/Rooms flats in a compound of 6 flats, furnishing negotiable 1200 USD. Image below

Mikocheni, 4 bedrooms 2 storey excecutive house, all esuite, 2 living rooms 3000 USD

Mikocheni, 3bedrooms embassadorial settings, spacious finishing. 4000USD. Image below

Mbezi beach, 5 bedrooms, mature garden, 2000 USD
Mbezi beach, 4 bedrooms, all essentials available, 2000USD

For all your property requirements, just talk to us. Please note that this is just a sample(representative we hope!). Forward to us your specific requirements and we will deliver because we can quantify the value of trust.

Hotline: +255 787 232530 (David)

Mikocheni Garden Road

+255 22 270 1333.

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